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Professional Swimming Pools:

I different type of swimming lesson than we normally see in London.

Remember we can help in the design of swimming pools, inspect swimming pools as they are being built, or undertake a final inspection on completion of the project. We also undertake specialist activities such as leak detectionservicing and maintaining of swimming pool  equipment. So if you are in need of a quality service, require any support or further information, then please contact us by Clicking Here


London Swimming Pools

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Canadian Geese, St. Croix River, Minnesota

The weather  in Minnesota was nearly perfect over the Father’s Day weekend.  Everyone was out and about…

Canadian Geese, St. Croix River, Minnesota

The St. Croix River was especially busy!

Canadian Geese, St. Croix River, Minnesota

Tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday –Let’s meet at the river—we’re going Sailing!   See you then!

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